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I'mma firin mah laser, BLAAARGG!!

The WMD Mk-2 is a massive superweapon (hence WMD, weapon of mass destruction...) which replaces the Mech's previous mechanical monster

It was originally built in unison with Narian's grusome torture, and was mentally linked to him. It was meant to be realeased on Tayya, or Barcon. This would have made a great weapon because Narian went all but insane as a mechanical monster.

Unfortunatley for the Mech, a short circute caused the WMD Mk-2 to start before it was finished, this explains it's 'loose' appearance, with many wires, and power grid exposed. This means Narian must be very careful with it, as it, in fact, is a quite delicate machine. On the Mech homeworld. Narian used the superweapon to destroy almost all of the Mech empire. Until he made a distrubing decision... To turn against his home.

He set off to destroy Mercoater, after that, the Swift empire. It is unknown why this was his desision, though, it could be assumed that he felt like he must betray the swift, to avoid returning as his monsterous self.


The WMD Mk-2 has a loose appearance with many circuts and power reactors exposed. It's shape is much like that of a ammonite or cuttlefish. It has four long, aposable, bilogical looking arms. Each tipped with a massive plasma cannon, as well as extremley powerful, crushing claws. Many smaller arm like structures surround it's 'mouth' which is more accuratley a strange quark gun. It's beam devoures entire planets and cities, turning normal matter into more strange quarks. This causes a disturbing chain reaction.

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