The Neomech symbol.


The mech is a antagonist semi- machine, insect-like race which was previously led by Mercoater. Currently it is run by Narian Crevan.

Known HistoryEdit

"The Mech are unstoppable, we will continue, even after my death. Even after, your death. After the death of the galaxy...." ~ Mercoater, just before his death

The mech is beleived to be millions of years old and created very close o the galacic core. it unknown what race it was built by. The origin of the Neomecha, as it is properly called currently, is thought to be that they were built by a spacefaring race as a defense system for

the galactic core. This may be important to said race because of the energy produced by the core, possibly a massive power source for the entire empire.

Not much is known about the Mech's owner, or even if it exicts, still.

War tacticEdit

"refer all captees to the reporposing lab, we need more biomechs, now!" ~ Emporor Narian Crevan, during Battle of Voi

The mech have the strange and grusome tactic of 'reporposing' civilians, captured from other races or from the enemy. These captees are built into a 'Biomech' or a cybornetic super soldier. This may seem like a waste of matireials, but in the long run, it is an effiecent measure. The mech owns over 19,000 planets around the galactic core, and many other galactic regions. Almost all of these are mined of their metals and minerals to make robots and also 'repurposeing' captees to capture planets to mine them, and so on.

Role in RMRPEdit

The mech is the second largest empirial power in RMRP, more than it, Freelance, below it, BLAD and Nomad. it is also the second most popular team for new members, above it Nomad, below it Freelance and BLAD.


  • The Mech call themselves 'Archaeognathians'. This is a referance to their direct, real-life homage, the Jumping Bristletails.
  • They are the second most popular team in RMRP.
  • They were taken over by their own superweapon, they shows how careless they are.
  • They can 'infect' other machines.
  • They may or may not be a referance to aparoids.
  • In the unreleased BLRP: SoW, the mech were the only team other than BLAD present in the war.