Modern fleetEdit

The BLAD fleet is a hyper advanced fleet of extremly powerful ships. These ships are almost indestructable, litterally. They all have neutronium armor, except the twin shuttles. This protects them in such a way theat nothing, not even a freelancer ship, can harm them.

The new interstellar fleet include;
Spore 2011-07-06 19-47-13

From left to right; Spirit of Barcon, Stellar succesion, Spirit of Tayya

  • Stellar Succesion (supercarrier)
  • Spirit of Barcon (Supertanker)
  • Spirit of Tayya (Supertanker No-2)

The new carrier fleet;

The new Fighter fleet;
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The new atmosphearic fleet. front row (left to right): Blue Veyron, Black Firefly, Deltathunder II. Mid: Rane of Alpha, Rane of Omega Back: CSS Gargoial (From a distance)

The new miscellous fleet

Antique fleetEdit

The antique interstellar fleet;
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Antique fleet, back: CSS Mangler Front, Left to right: MegaWatt, DeltaThunder

  • N\A

The antique Carrier fleet;

  • CSS Mangler

The antique fighter fleet;

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