RenamonGuy TechsEdit

Anti-Aircraft WraithEdit

A vehicle of covenant design. Great for keeping fighters at bay with high damage cannons, but is easily dispatched

A demonstration of a wraith's cannon.

by ground troops.

Infection ship/ Flood shipEdit

A ship filled with a fast spreading infectious biomass. Often fired at supercarriers and planets for maximun infection.

Covenant SupercarrierEdit

A ten mile long supervessel filled with tanks, dropships and troops, ready for deployment.
Spore 2011-06-16 20-09-58

A supercarrier and floatilla. Phantoms are the tiny purple ships around it.

Rapture Class Dreadnoug

Radiation Beam in action.


The main space battle unit. Armed with fusion warheads for sinking enemy starships.


A huge duel-cannon walking tank of mgalekgolo design. Can only be damaged from the inside.


Replaces the old geth dropships, and often are carrying a wraith and some troops. Have a radiation beam equipped.


A one-wheeled ramming vehicle, with a seat for the driver behind the huge wheels.


A small armed hover vehicle.

Radiation BeamEdit

Anti-personnel beam of highly radioactive superheated plasma.

Plasma MortarEdit

Anti-tank plama cannon that explodes on impact.

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