RenamonGuy Allied RacesEdit

The slang terms for these creatures are to the right in quotes.


RenamonGuy's faction is a large government council of many species, sharing technology and information. These races are always warriors, knights, and zealots. They hold a strong diplomacy with each other, and view any other species as "demons". They form a Tier 1 Civilization, with the abilities to forge artificial worlds, accelerate evolution, and build huge fleets and staitions with ease. But in the galactic community, they are nearly silent. They are based out of an artificial megaworld, know as the Ark. Every allied species has cities here, and its biosphere can adapt to any tastes.


Mgalekgolo "Orange Worm Crap"Edit

A huge form clad in blue armor. They are very agressive. Not actually one creature, they are made of many worm creatures called the Lekgolo. Often used against tanks, and aircraft due to their large size.

Turian "Metal Bird Jerks"Edit

Humanoid creatures of avian decent. Have a natural metal exoskeleton. The scientists of his races. Very noble and vain, but protective.

Unggoy "Whiney Babies"Edit

The common fighter. Large in number, but not particually inteligent. Dangerous only in large groups. They are short, and breathe methane, so they carry large respiration systems on their back.

Geth "Weird Robots"Edit

The higher ranked infiltraitors and infantry of his forces. Not actually a organism, but an advanced AI race.

Furries "Furf@gs"Edit

The central race and political heads of the freelancers. Most members are canid in decent. They are a nomadic race, with no homeworld, as they were banished by humans. They lead the council, and vow for revenge.

Collector "Freaky Buggers"Edit

A race of cybernetic humanoid insects, created by the reapers long ago. They can only reproduce by cloning, as they have no vital organs. They are silent assassins, striking with strange technology.

Sentinel "Big Scary Things"Edit

Not actually a creature, but a type of hive minded AI that exists only to sabatoge and repair. They vary in size, from the dreadnought-size Strato-Sentinel to the 1-foot Monitors. These maintain the endless count of structures and vehicles

Hurgarok "Loogies"Edit

The pilots of his faction, they are a type of floating jellyfish-like creature. They are quiet and obedient, and mean no harm to anyone, but this make them unfitting fighter pilots.

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