This page is for character-character radio recordings

AKA like the RPing page on this wiki.



Narian: ----

???: ---

Narian: ---

???: ---

Narian: Stop with the dashes.



???: HALT! You are regarded as organic, thus you are invalid. Delete is nessesary execute code 999INTRUDER

Narian: I have come in peace. I only wish to know about your race.

???: You have no right to know about us, you live now because we allow it. Your intolerance of our rane has earned you your death.

Narian: Fine. My ship is untracable to your primative scanners.

???: Your head will look good next to my throne.

Narian: Farewell. I hope you rot in your throne!

???: Not possible. We are not like you. We are resistant to decay.

Narian: Wait, are you... A machine?

???: Yes. Intruder now realize how vunerable he is?

Narian: I know you. You were built by, two mad scientists.

???: sha-ha-ha! Not mad, just eccentric.

Narian: Gordymad!

???: You will die for your infedelity to Mercoater!

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