Hydrogen plasma combuster (also known as HPC engine/weapon) is a type of engine and weapon which harnesses hydrogen plasma. It is simalar to a real life plasma thruster. It is a high powered engine capable of massive speed. Unfortunatly is ineffecient for long distance travel because of the fact that it uses fuel. It also produces exhaust, hydrogen oxide. This chemical is a strong ionic base, also called Hydroxide. This substance can cause cancer and lung sicknesses. Because of this danger, HPC engines are restricted on habited planets in suburban and city areas.

Use as a weaponEdit

It can also be used as a powerful plasma weapon, by closeing the output end of the engine. This causes a buildup of plasma which can pulse out the input end of the engine. This pulse can reach temperatures of over 5000*K. Which is hot enough to melt most substances. The inside of the engine is coated with Neutronium, which keeps the internal structure of the engine from melting.

However, if the plasma pressure builds up too much, the engine can explode in a shockwave of plasma. This can be deadly.


  • Renamonguy's suit is equipt with a HPC jetpack, with a nozzle connected to the input end of the engine, this gives him his 'Plasma Mortar' on his left hand.
  • Some older spacefighters use HPC as a main drive.
  • HPC can be used to genorate electricity with the built up plasma.
  • HPC is used to power the 'Black Firefly' and previously the 'Black Lightning' ships.
  • HPC drives can be recegnized by twin turbines, one inside the other, as well as external fluid hydrogen storage tanks seen just in front of the turbines. There can be one or two of these.