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After a nasty encounter with either Renamonguy or Volt (he refuses to say) Gordymad has had to completely re-model his body into a life support system

Gordymad, once a jolly RPer with nothing on his "mind" but randomness and having to change his batteries, he has now turned into a ruthless general of the Mech after being smashed up by an unknown assailant, having his laser arm being cut off, his eye being gouged out, the hand on his good arm cut off, his wings destroyed and his paint rusted


Gordymad, once a brave hero, has become one of the most evil beings of the universe and HATES being under the command of Narian, he will take any chance he gets to try and eliminate the filthy canine and take over the Mech empire. Narian however, either is stupid, doesn't know or doesn't feel threatened (he underestimates his "ally"). Gordymad hates being reminded of his past and becomes slightly emotional when he thinks about it. If a soldier brings up the topic he will usually blast them on the spot


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