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Freelance Fleet

RenamonGuy's fleet is classified as a galactic invasion fleet with billions of ships, contributed by all his allied races, he also posesses the forerunner keyship, an artifact that can open a wormhole to any location in this, or any, galaxy. This allows him to strike hard and silently. The huge ship to the center is Latent Bias, a planetary glassing station, built and maintaned by trillions of sentinels. The twin supercarriers are good suppressor units, and act as orbital factories. The race of reapers is a last resort. Any captured ships are either repurposed, taken apart for building materials, or convert
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A BL supercarrier, doomed to become an infection ship.

ed into infection ships.

The BL ships are rarely used by him. He views them as tainted, and unclean. He does admire them for their vast personnel however...

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