CRE Flelenlite-0c82f496 sml

A Felenlite, seen in pitch black not showing it's body.

The Felenlite, also called the lantern bearer or Nonderma Luminesia is a predatory mollusk native to Tayya. It lives along to coastline forests of the Great Sea in borrows made to wait out the daytime heat and stay moist. During the night however, this creature does as much as it can to keep it's metabolism going at maximum. It's two legs are really four legs bonded into one pair of limbs. This tells scientists that it most likely evolved from a quadrupedal reletive.

Feeding behaviorEdit

The Felenlite has an unusaul feeding behavior; it lures it's prey into striking radius with a biolumenesent lure on it's head. This attracts many small insects and animals to investigate the light source. When the prey touchs one of the creature's many sensitive filaments, the creature strike with two tenticles tipped with three toxic spikes, each.

Then it slowly, unlike most Taayyain liquivores, devores it's catch whole. Then it goes back to it's borrow to wait for it's heavy prey to digest, making it ready to outrun any predator it needs to flee from.

Felenlite X-ray

An X-ray of a Felenlite.

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