You may make and post joinable clubs here. The club can be about anything BLRP related. here are some of mine, If you want to join, just add your request in a comment

Main clubsEdit

SpaceTime designers' club (1)Edit

This is a fun little club where you make ships in spore, and then post your thoughts and ideas about them. If their good enough, we'll put them in a story!

NOTE: Ships you make for BLRP or your team are automaticly included in BLRP, this club makes ships that are not nessesarly for BLRP. Just to show off ships in.

BLRP Story teller's club (1)Edit

Here you can tell your BLRP origin and main storys. Be creative, don't be shy.

Spacefaring Furrys' club (2)Edit

This club is to show off your fursonas and drawing, as well as any other furry stuff!

NOTE: You do not have to be a furry to be in BLRP, this is just because a few of us are furries.


Gameing club (1)Edit

Self expainitory. Tell us all about funny\stupid and awsome momments in your favorite games!

BioProtect club (1)Edit

Help keep BLRP safe and fun!

Post thoughts on how to make it better, and if someone in this community is being a jerk\vandle.

Nature club (1)Edit

Go green! BLRP takes place here on earth in some stories, where it is a lush rainforest planet. Lets keep Earth as green as it is now!

Post ideas, rants and projects on how to keep Earth\Terra a beutiful blue planet!

Member made clubsEdit

Post your clubs here, keep them appropriate!Edit

Club Name in bold and in heading 2 (# of people in it)Edit

Your club description, make it short and sweet so this page isn't 50 million parsecs long.


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