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Black lightning arial defense (also known as BLAD) is a defense squad in the Tayyain military. It has powerful ships, tanks, and many machines capable of mass destruction. BLAD also owns many offensive WMD's capable of the destruction of entire planets. It's headquarters is located in the Sol system, on the tropical planet Terra. This planet has remains of a primative sentient race. Though, it's main resource for weapons and ships, Traxus, is located on the planet Voi, in the Magmatic system. This planet has recently been attacked by Rena, the arch rival of BLAD. He is an extremley aggresive canine like loner who roams the galaxy for space faring species the prey on. It is not known why he does this, all that is known is that he does. Though, he is one hard ememy to keep away, with supermassive ships and thousands of troops. To make this worse, an equal enemy, the Mech, is constantly destroying planets and ships out of pure spite. This machine race is led by a swift. Narian. Narian is known as a major enemy of Tayya and it's affiliates. Narian used to work in BLAD, untill he tryed to convince the Mech (Previously led by Mercoater) to stop their on going war with Tayya. Then, he was captured and implanted with parts to control a massive superweapon, WMD Mk. 2. Narian was so infuriated by this that he killed Mercoater and force the mech to work for him. He now wants revenge on the Tayyain empire, for what reason is unknown.
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