BLRP: Sounds of War is a 2.5D RPG game which features the RMRP crew; RenamonGuy, Gordymad, Volt,

Now in somewhat better 3D!


It is going to be released at around december, 2011. It will feature many playable vehicles and missions, from the perspective of either RenamonGuy, Gordymad, or Volt. It will also have varied gameplay, some levels being shoot 'em up side view levels, to side scrolling, to adventure like gaming.

Platforms: Pc

Genre: Varied

# of players: 2

budget: 0 USD

Rating (Not by ESRB) E10,T

Selling price: free/0 USD

realease date: CANCELLED

main menu.

newest beta: (53.5 mb) (in the end it will be free because then I don't have to worry about copyright.)


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