BIOarc (or BioArk) is a smallscale powerplanet used in some rare fighters, ships, and bases. The idea of
BIOarc is a biomass (such as a sythetic mucsle) is used to turn a generator to produce power. This is favorable for long distance travel, because of the following reason
  • Biomass 'exhales' CO2, which can be broken into carbon and O2 (the air we breathe) thus, the carbon and supplied hydrogen can be used to make carbohydrates (Cm(H2O)n) to feed the biomass. Then the cycle goes on again until the hydrogen supply runs out.


  • BIOarc powerplants are a clean source of energy
  • BIOarc systems are outlawed in the Tayyain empire
  • All of the BIOarc systems are some of the only bio mechanical engines for starships
  • BLAD ignors these laws and have two A-10 commuters with them.
  • These engines are dangerous beacause of the fact that they use pressurised oxygen chains, which are are extreme oxidators (duh). This means that they will make it MUCH easier to catch something on fire. As well as rust things rapidly.
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