Pilot age (your character's age): 15

pilot species (what are you?): Stick Person (U mad?)

pilot homeworld: Born on a satellite

Pilot name: 99Hedgehog (U even madder?)

Pilot description (if nessesary): A hit and run specialist who's top speed  matches Volt's.

Ship name: The Paradox

Ship type (Frigate, fighter, dreadnought, etc): A large fighter/tiny frigate

Ship weapons: Dual plasma cannons (primary) Proton Missles (secondary) An automated turret (defense and a high powered, chargeable phaser which is weak against dreadnoughts, anything bigger and some frigates. Strong against anything else. (last resort)

Ship size: Medium

ship speed: OVER 9000!!!

ship powerplant/engine (Tokamak, antimatter, nuclear): Tokamak (A plasma genorater IS tokamak.)

ship armor: Low to allow for speed